91. The Cost of Freedom

Freedom. That's all I want. It's the type of freedom that some of my ancestors didn't have a chance to see. It's the type of freedom they had to sacrifice for in order for me to experience it. It's a type of unrestrained freedom where purpose, passion, and potential reign supreme over profit. It a type of freedom that allows me to operate in my gift on a full-time basis while helping others in the process. But here's the question, 

What is freedom going to cost?

Think about everything you desire. Revisit the list of your wildest dreams that you recorded in a dream book. Ask yourself, what is it going to cost me? What is it going to take for me to walk into the land flowing with milk and honey?

What do I have to give up?

Is it:

  • TV watching time?

  • Sleep?

  • Gossip at the water cooler?

  • Old friends with unlike mentality?

  • Weekends?

  • Holidays?

  • Favorite snacks and other junk food?

  • Parasitic relationships?

  • Jobs? 

  • Negative talk and pessimism?

  • Comfort?

  • Current place of residence?

  • Acceptance and being liked?

  • Shopping and excessive spending?

  • Pride?

  • Material possessions?

  • etc.?

I can in no way compare any of my potential sacrifices to the ones of my ancestors. The people who endured and escaped the harshest, most dehumanizing experiences known to man. People who beat the odds to transform into leaders of the world, paving the way for dreamers like me. People who I dedicate my work to.

 #NeverForget #YouFuelMe #ThankYou

#NeverForget #YouFuelMe #ThankYou


even though I may not have any physical chains to release, there are mental and emotional ones that must fall in order for me to live.

In order for me to truly walk in abundance and wake up with the type of freedom that isn't dictated by dollars but destiny, I have to recognize that the fight isn't over. I have to keep my goals in front of me and push through even when every natural, carnal part of me wants to stop. I know what I'm fighting for, and I know who's fighting with me.

I have a warrior-like, resilient spirit running through my veins like live wires.

 Yes, I'm feeling like Storm right about now.

Yes, I'm feeling like Storm right about now.

There's no way I can lose. Freedom is in my blood. Is it in yours?