72. When Resistance Threatens Productivity

I've hit a brick wall. Although I was productive enough to finish the rewrite to my last chapter, I'm stuck facing this pesky thing called resistance. 

Steven Pressfield talks about resistance a great deal in The War of Art.

Steven Pressfield talks about resistance a great deal in The War of Art.

Resistance is one of those things that destroy dreams.

Resistance is a combination of self-doubt, fear of the unknown, and procrastination. It kills productivity and is the ultimate purveyor of wasting time. When you feel the inner resistance, for some reason you're more likely to sit around thinking about why you can't do something or running your to do list over and over in your mind, until you find yourself not being productive at all. 

I'm dealing with this at the moment. It's not related to my book but to writing other articles and selling goods online. I think I'm resisting so much because I'm afraid that splitting my time to a myriad of areas will result in underperformance. Oh shoot, did I run into the perfectionist spirit again? *sigh*

When on a journey of wanting things that you've never had, you're going to run into resistance.

It's kind of like your old self that didn't get much done -- the dreamer who talks a lot -- is afraid of taking the responsibility to transform into your new self -- the dreamer who acts.  They must become acquainted. Actually, the new self must take over and dominate. That means, you have to figure out what's more important -- being comfortable in your current state or living a life you've always wanted. I'll take the latter for $300 Alex. 

So, what can I do when resistance threatens my productivity:

  1. Write through it. Everyone may not do this but for me personally, I find that being honest with myself about why I'm resisting helps me to confront the fears I'm having. 

  2. Reading old material. I know I've probably said this before, but there are times when I can read an old journal, especially an entry of desperation, and be reminded of what's pushing me to do what I'm setting out to do in the first place. 

  3. Listen to motivational things. Since becoming a member of Breathe University, I have an unlimited access to so many materials that push me in the times when I need it most. 

I must remind myself that this is a journey. Some days wills be better than others, and I must respect the process. I must also trust it. When you're becoming someone new, developing new habits, and changing for the better, you will have to battle those old ways and old fears that rise up. But we can do it. We can beat the resistance.