89. The Power of Writing Our Dreams Down

For the past few weeks I've gotten into the habit of writing my goals in a notebook. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't call them goals, I would call them dreams or visions.

In this daily exercise, I pour my heart onto the page with unrestrained eagerness. I write down everything I would like to accomplish, even those things that might sound a little far-fetched to some people.

This exercise has been a game-changer for me. It is one of the things that I do every morning religiously (besides prayer and listening to Bishop TD Jakes and Dr. Eric Thomas via Breathe University video courses). What I've learned by this daily ritual:

Writing our wildest dreams every single day, lights a match in our spirit. The blaze within us is the fire that causes us to see results.

There are days where I may wake up with a stomach ache, feel tired, or not necessarily want to get up early. Then after prayer, bible study, and writing my goals, my comfortable and cozy bed turns into hot coals, and I fly out of bed. Daily goal-setting puts your dreams in front of you, and it reminds you of why you need to be productive in the first place.

Daily dream-writing gives purpose and meaning to your day. It keeps you lazer-focused. It keeps you energized.

When I began writing my wildest dreams, especially about becoming a best-selling author, I began to have a sense of urgency. I implemented an editing schedule. I didn't stall when it came to writing my daily blog posts. I refused to sit on my hands all day. Once I started incorporating this into my regimen, I went from feeling stuck to getting small wins in my everyday life.

Every single day, I feel like I'm rolling a set of dice and moving my game piece forward. I'm passing go. I'm collecting $200. 

  photo credit:  clipartkid.com

photo credit: clipartkid.com

In closing, I would urge you to begin writing down your dreams. Don't discourage yourself, either. Whatever it is that you want to do, list it. Don't hold back. Don't be afraid. We have the power to shape our destiny, and it starts with the transformation of our mind. Allow your imagination to run free and believe in yourself enough to think you will actually change the world for the better. You'll be surprised by the things you accomplish, and the wins you'll start to see in your life. 

Until next time: Write the vision, make it plain.