88. Meaningful Work

Before I get started with my entry, I have to give a shoutout to an awesome member of the Breathe University Family: Heather! Check out her blog and instagram. I've only e-known Heather for approximately one week, and she has been such a joy.

Thanks for your support! 

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

My day is full. I woke up this morning with a copywriting assignment, an Amazon order I had to get ready to ship, a couple of chapters I needed to rewrite, research I had to do, and much more. It's a 12 going on 13 hour day (because I'm still in the process of finishing my to do list). 

As crazy as this sounds for a day on the weekend, and as tired as my body is threatening to feel: I'M LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT! The invigoration is real right now, and this is the way life should be.

The other day on Twitter, I tweeted:

All of these quotes are brought to you by The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Although I have some mixed feelings about this book (been bored half the time to be quite honest), the words I quoted above stuck with me.

All my life I've heard the cliche: "Do what you love and don't worry about money." When you're a broke kid you think that the statement is a bunch of rubbish. That's until you get older and realize it's the honest truth. I finally know what it feels like to wake up everyday and pursue meaningful work.

Meaningful work is like fuel. It pushes you to go further, even when you know you're running on E. 

Knowing what you love to do and pursuing it with all of your might is an ingredient to the wins you're seeking in life. Make sure to occupy your time with meaningful things.