87. Enjoy the Present Moment

I used to be one of those people constantly living in the future. Even as a child, I remember saying, "I can't wait until I get older so I can move out and do what I want." I recall back to a time when I was as young as nine or ten years old, and I would pick up a free apartment guide book in front of Blockbuster. I would go home, thumb through the book, circling the places i would live once I grew up.

Then, I got older.

The twenty-something me achieved those ten-year-old apartment guide dreams, but something was off. Instead of savoring my accomplishments, I often found myself constantly thinking of the future. I was busy thinking about my ultimate dreams: having the house, car, marriage, family, bank account, business, prestige, etc. 

Then, I left my twenties behind, and I realized something:

It is more significant to stop and savor the present moments than to defer happiness for the future.

For one, finding the beauty in the now gives us a type of joy that fills us up so much that whatever state we're in, we're able to find happiness in it. We don't have to have everything lined up perfectly in order for us to live our best lives now. 

I literally woke up this morning so happy. I just kept saying, "I'm living the life I've always wanted." And, it's true. No, I don't have anything fancy in my life, but I am full with what I have. All of those "things" I focused on as a child and twenty-something ended up not really mattering to me. What I've found to be most important: waking up to do what I love.

I get to write. I get to uplift and inspire. I get to interact with mentors. I get to serve others. I HAVE FREEDOM. 

That means so much to me. I have never been more full and free in all of my natural born life and it's not like everything is just the picture of perfection. I've learned that whatever state I'm in to be content. To be full of life and to not apologize for going after what I want. 

In closing, I'll leave you with this: It's okay to dream, just remember to savor the moments as your dreams come true.