86. Setting Deadlines & Hybrid Author Dreams

I just had an amazing editing session with my current novel project, Hot Like Fire. I'm happy to report that I'm further along than I initially thought. I'm on schedule to pitch literary agents in March. Color me excited!

During my editing and re-writing process, I've gotten excited by the pacing, dialogue, and symbolism. I'm also pretty satisfied with the fact that I gave my manuscript time to sit. 

It's something about giving your work breathing time that allows you to see your words with fresh eyes.

Resting your words allow you to catch grammatical errors that you didn't see before, fill any plot holes, and experience the overall flow of the project.

The date I'm giving myself to complete the novel in its entirety (editing included) is Friday February 24, 2017. SEVEN WHOLE DAYS PEOPLE. *excited just thinking about it.*

To show you how serious I am, look at my calendar:

 The calendar shows 2.24.17

The calendar shows 2.24.17

I've also made a decision to be a hybrid author. I would like for my children's books to get traditionally published and for my nonfiction work to be self-published. Why? For one, I want my nonfiction books to be published at my own pace. For two, 

I want my children-centered books to actually reach children.

Scholastic is huge when it comes to children's books, and it's a bit more difficult for self-published authors to get access into schools, libraries, and bookstores.

I'm not saying that it cannot be done; I'm suggesting that it'll probably be better for me to lean on knowledgeable people in the industry who know the ins and outs of getting children's literature into the hands of children. Although I am a teacher and do have access to schools, I'm not a book industry expert. 

This is exactly why networking is critical. Talking to experts who have insights to hidden rules, procedures, or even contacts can elevate your game to a higher level. 

So, as I continue working on my debut novel and setting little goals for myself, I look forward to pitch season. It's here and I'm so excited about it.

The future is nigh. So is a contract for an amazing book that will impact people all over the world.

Until next time...