84. What's Your Motive?

We hear it all the time:

"Write the vision; make it plain!"

"Envision your goals and see them come to life!"

"Write down everything you want to happen and watch it all come to fruition!"

I've uttered those phrases into the atmosphere a time or two. Why? Well, I do believe that envisioning success is an integral component to achievement. However, there is a piece that is often missing from those "keys to success." It's a critical piece that has convicted me recently. The question probing my spirit:

What is the reason you want what you desire? What is your motive?

photo credit: Stacey Kizer

photo credit: Stacey Kizer

 Think about it. Do you:

  • Desire a million bucks because you believe all of your troubles will be gone?

  • Believe a new house will release the bitterness from the old apartment?

  • Think having money to travel to exotic islands suddenly erase all of your fears?

  • Seek to post your new toys on social media just to show people how superior your life is in comparison to theirs?

Basically, do you want things for shallow reasons? Reasons none other than to boast, brag, and rest in the perceived comforts of life? If the answer is yes, then here's my next question: What happens when you get the things you want? What comes next? Do your dreams just go away? Do you fall into mediocrity? Do you accept the status quo and begin coasting through life as if you can't stretch any further? Motive answers these questions.

Questioning our motives give us meaning. It gives us a foundation for living. It gives us purpose.

I believe that our purpose is to use our gifts, talents, and experiences to uplift other people. We are not just designed to receive blessings; we are designed to be a blessing. This is how we make it through tough times.

A new car cannot be a saving grace when a life-changing health issue enters the picture. A new house cannot mend a broken heart all by itself. A million dollars cannot change people's negative opinions about you or halt a deceptive plot to undermine your success.

That's why our motive, the reason behind our actions and wants, must fuel us to a higher calling. Operating out of a pure space keeps us going, inspire us, and ultimately becomes the driving force behind our impact in the world. 

Discover your motive. Rediscover the meaning of life. Then, live it to its fullest, and don't hold back.