83. The Power of Habit

There are going to be some days where you just don't feel like getting out of bed. There will be days where you don't put half as much effort into your goals as you would like. There may be days where certain days look more productive than others. What I have learned over time is 

Consistency is key.

 photo credit:  NOGRAN s.r.o.  (via flickr)

photo credit: NOGRAN s.r.o. (via flickr)

The moment I made a decision to start a blog, to document my journey as a best-selling author, to record how I would go from utter obscurity to having content that inspires people on a global scale, I went all in. I didn't just want to write every so often, or neglect the blog three months into its publication. In fact,

I made a decision to publish a post every single day, even when I was tired, even when I was going through some sort of physical pain, even when I didn't feel like it. 

There is power in habit. The more you do something, especially over extended periods of time, the more that action will become ingrained in you. And, there's nothing more important in a creative's life, than to form good habits that perfect your craft.

If you're a writer you must practice writing every single day.

You must get into the habit of just sitting into a chair and doing the work. I haven't had many "writer's block" days because of this one simple habit. 

So, if you're an illustrator, graphic designer, poet, speaker, or whatever else, you must form a consistent habit. You have to perform daily actions that will not only help you to become better at what you do, but also help you to reach the goals you set. 

Be consistent. Take things one day at a time. Push through the pain. It's not about what you feel like; it's about the necessity of completing your goals.