82. Searching for an Accountability Group

Last week, I wrote about joining a a success network called Breathe University. It's an amazing group of people who are serious about their goals, dreams, and visions, and they are willing to help others in the process. I listened in on my second Master Mind call, and I can honestly say that I was left with one particular conviction:

Find an accountability group to join.  

Last year, I linked up with several women in an accountability group. We went for brunch, attended business conferences, and made phone calls to each other about achieving our goals. However, when the school year started, things fell off. Being a teacher can be hectic, and we were a group of teachers jumping back into the swing of that chaotic life. 

The group is something I've been missing. Lately, I've been determined to link up with like-minded people who are not afraid of going after their dreams.

I believe there is more to life than our 9-5s, friendships, workloads, and work schedules. I believe that greatness is locked on the inside of us, and sometimes linking up with like-minded people can be the key to unlock our potential.

So, as I search for an accountability group, allow me to do this. I want to first say what I can add to a group/partnership, and what I'm looking for on a reciprocated level. 

What I can add:

  1. Consistency. I blog every single day and have done it since November of 2016. Although that may not seem like a long time, the consistency has taught me a certain level of discipline that I would love to share.

  2. Inspiration/Motivation. I love being able to motivate and inspire people, give them added motivation, especially for the days that may seem hectic or impossible.

  3. Accessibility. I am on social media, and can connect with you to meet your need.

  4. Prayer. Enough said right there. Prayer warrior in your corner.

  5. Writing. It's what I love to do and what I can't live without. I can help you find the words.

  6. Service. How can I meet your need?

What I'm looking for:

1. Writing goal check-ins. Since the beginning of this blog, I've written about my current book projects. Well, I'm on my 5th and hopefully final rewrite of my first novel. When you get to this point of having written a book so many times, fatigue does set in. That's why,

I need help finishing. Every single day. Hitting those goals. Consistently.

2. Connectivity. I want to be able to connect with like-minded, spiritual, goal-oriented, uplifting people. People I can possibly meet up or chat with during the week.

More Master Mind time is what I'm looking for.

3. Resources. My goals this year is to finish my book, start a podcast, and start my own e-learning company. I know I must take things one step at a time, but to network with individuals who are already well versed in these areas would be beneficial. 

4. More Volunteering/Service Projects and Opportunities. I really want to connect with people who give.

I want to do more in my community.

I believe that everything will work out together for good, and in God's perfect timing, I'll be able to connect with the exact individuals that will take relationship reciprocation on another blessed level. Until next time, 

Hold yourself and others accountable for being a vessel of greatness in this world.