47. Yes, Clemson's Win Sparked My Writing Slump

Today was just one of those days. I didn't do much writing and felt way too sluggish. Talk about a downer.

Then, I was conveniently "distracted" by the Clemson/Alabama game. (Clemson just won by the way in case you're living under a rock).

 2017 National Champions -- Clemson Tigers (Darn, that just hurt someone's feelings. Sorry about that.)

2017 National Champions -- Clemson Tigers (Darn, that just hurt someone's feelings. Sorry about that.)

The writer in me managed to find the significance of a win that I'm not even connected to. After all, I am a Texas Longhorn and well, our football program is currently in a building phase. But hey, any orange is good enough for me at this point, so I'm choosing to find the symbolism of a Clemson Tiger National Championship. 

It does something to me when I see someone win, especially knowing that they've worked so hard, fought a long, uphill battle, and stuck it out to the end. Coaches and players have invested YEARS into their craft. A national championship is the manifestation of their investment. 

That should teach us all that we can't just quit at the first sign of defeat (I'm talking to myself here). It takes years of practice, coaching, building, sacrificing and everything else to see a reward. 

It's about 20 minutes to midnight and the only thing on my mind is working on a new project. I can admit, my current project makes me feel a bit stuck, and I'm ready to shelve it to work on something else. I'm ready to get back into that writing groove again. It's not necessarily about seeing a physical reward; it's about doing something I love, something I feel is worth my energy and effort. 

But, I can't waste time. I must put in the work. After all, I'm witnessing young, hungry people achieve a goal they've greatly desired and labored for. Nothing is more inspiring than that. 

Actually, inspiration means nothing if you don't act on newfound motivation. Time to practice what I preach.