70. Invest in Yourself

I don't believe in coincidences. I can't speak for everyone, but I know that every event is divinely constructed in my life. It moves me one step closer to being the human I was designed to be, fulfilling a purpose that I was meant to serve. That's why when I opened a fortune cookie a couple days ago and pulled out the "fortune" written on the long, slender rectangular-shaped paper, I knew that the message was made for me. It read:

Your investment in time will lead to success later.
 My fortune cookie from P.F. Changs. Received Friday January 27, 2017

My fortune cookie from P.F. Changs. Received Friday January 27, 2017

Now, I know what some people may be thinking. A fortune cookie? Really? You honestly believe that a generic sentence typed on a gum-sized length piece of paper is some sort of divine message?

Yes, I really do believe it was meant for me to see the word "investment." I'll tell you why. 

One of the most important actions I've taken, especially in the year 2016, was seriously investing in myself and causes I believe in. Whether it was paying for a writing course, traveling to book conferences, linking up with an accountability group, or dramatically changing my habits to write more, I intentionally made it a point to invest in myself. 

Then, I listened to the "Secrets to Success" podcast with Dr. Eric Thomas, and something about his words and sense of urgency as it related to investing in oneself forced me to stop. Here were three of my takeaways:

1. Anything of value, especially for growth in your life, will not always be free.

So many of us are looking for a low to no risk, low to no cost, and high return on investment. But, it doesn't work that way. LIFE doesn't work that way.

You eat what you plant, and if you don't plant, you don't eat. Same with investing. If you're not putting in work, planting seeds, caring for the soil, and maintaining the growth, then you won't be able to see a full harvest. I want to be able to see harvest in my life, and some things that I'm after will not come free like a sample of food in the grocery store. You have to pay to play, and I'm ready to get off the bench and get in the game.

2.  Take the risk.

Risk is something I do struggle with. Why? Well, there's a fear that you'll lose big if you risk a lot. However, in my heart of hearts I know this isn't true. I don't want to speculate, but history shows me that many people who won big, risked big. They bet on themselves. They believed in their talents, their gifts, their mission, and their ideas. They didn't care if their goals seemed too big, they went for them anyway, risking what most people wouldn't to get what others couldn't. 

Sometimes we can't win because we're afraid of losing. That fear will keep us from the wins.

3. Diversify your investment.

When we diversify our time, financial resources, and other contributions, we have to understand how to balance. We can't just invest in our economic situation, but we need to also invest in our family, health, spirituality, and in our community.

  photo credit:  Your IMC

photo credit: Your IMC

I'm proud to say that one of my investments have been joining Breathe University, Dr. Eric Thomas's e-learning program. The courses and modules are geared toward the foundational principles of holistic success. This is coming from a person (and a company) who know a thing or two about achievement. 

I also invested in the Launch a Bestseller course by Tim Grahl. I absolutely love his material. Although I'm rewriting my debut novel for the 5th time, I am continually studying this course so that I can do what the title suggests. And trust me, I will. 

Well, until next time, I'll close by saying this:

Take the step toward investing in your life. In order for you to have, be, and do extraordinary things, you must be willing to bet on yourself, take the risk, and jump right in.