68. Using Your Creative Talents to Help Change the World

My day was a bit meh. I know Dr. Eric Thomas says "No days off, no plays off," but there are days -- for me, at least -- that are less rigorous than others. To be fair, I don't sit around and do a lot of movie and television show watching, and I try to make sure that whatever my "down" time looks like, it is still productive in its own way. I enjoy reading and, occasionally, peeking outside of my comfort space and discovering things in the world outside my window.

For the past couple of days, my focus has shifted to the current events happening in the United States. As I read some of the updates to the news as it unfolded via Twitter, ideas started jumping into my head about how I could use my craft to be a part of a creative resistance. To create beautiful, meaningful, inspirational, or uplifting material to contrast the darkness that seems to be permeating our society. But, I don't just want to talk about it. That's the problem with me sometimes. All these great ideas, great intentions, great starts, can all go absolutely no where. It's seems to be more talk and less action. The opposite must prevail.

More action. Less talk. More involvement. Less sitting on the sidelines. 

We have our own special ways in which we can contribute to various causes if we choose to do so. But, the takeaway here is that we need to make sure those decisions count. That we actually find ways to be difference makers and not just allow those ideas to grow large in our minds and die the second it's not a trending topic on Twitter anymore.

With that said, I'll leave you with this: