67. When an Amazing Day is Eclipsed by a Major Chain of Events

Today was full yet exhausting. I attended Super Bowl Live in downtown Houston, added extra miles on my boots from miles, and enjoyed a beautifully sunny, yet cool day.

 For more of my photos at Super Bowl Live, visit my instagram page.

For more of my photos at Super Bowl Live, visit my instagram page.

As a creative, some times we're so cooped up in a house that we don't get enough sunlight, fresh air, and human interaction. Attending a fan festival like Super Bowl Live allows us to see that there is so much life outside our windows, that it's okay to leave the comfort of our dwelling places, and experience new adventures. That's what today was like for me.

I can admit, I was sore and tired by the time I reached the car, and as I type, I'm about ready to change into something more comfortable and crash right here on the couch. But, I'm convicted right now to quickly touch on something that also touched me while I was out enjoying the festivities. 

After posting a pic to instagram and twitter, my social media feeds began to update. While I was laughing and smiling, posing in front of NFL signs, shrugging off silly comments from Northern folks who literally come to Houston (a place where the day's low temp could easily be 85 degrees) and try to ridicule coat-wearing Texans in 50 degrees, something else was happening.

I kept reading about the Muslims who were banned from entering the U.S. and those who were even deported -- WITH VISAS might I add. Standing in the midst of all the excitement of the Super Bowl activities, I paused. I just thought about all the people who called America home, now being denied a place they've known for the majority of their lives. Or, the people who worked hard to get approved through the legalization process now told to "go back" to a place they might've left years ago.

All I could think about was, "Man, imagine if I left to go on a vacation to visit Elmina Castle off the shores of Ghana, and when I try to fly back to the place where I pay taxes and my ancestors bled and died for me to be there, someone stops me at the airport and ironically says, "This is the point of no return. You're being detained." 

It puts things into perspective, especially when you think about putting yourself in someone else's shoes. I think we forget to do that sometimes. 

At any rate, I just wanted to document my mixed feelings from today. As fun as it was, there was also a hint of sadness there too. Seeing pictures of people -- especially innocent children -- bothers me to the core. It makes me think about my 4th graders too much, some of which are dealing with this whole ban atrocity. 

How can you find the positive in times like these? Well, you cherish the moments you do have, and find the ways in which you can actually help.

Remember to demonstrate empathy and find balance between enjoying your life and helping others as much as you can. 

So, as I continue to enjoy the Super Bowl Live events, I'm also going to focus on how I can use my knowledge and skills as a teacher and writer to elevate, uplift, and extend an empathic hand to those in need. 

Until next time, be safe out there guys.