66. A Glimpse into the Amazing Future & Appreciating the Present Moment

I just returned from a night on the town with friends and family for a birthday dinner, and I must say I had a great time. I felt like the gathering was the perfect treat to my successful week.

photo credit: Karlis Dambrans

photo credit: Karlis Dambrans

At the dinner, I talked to a friend about the time off we've both had from work, and something about the conversation rekindled a thought that I had from earlier that day. I was just thinking that maybe

God is giving me a small glimpse of what my life could be if I continued to dedicate myself to my craft and serve Him with everything that's within me.

As I sat around the doctor's office today, I just marveled at how amazing my life is at the present moment. I'm blessed with good health, a great husband, supportive family, understanding friends, a renewed mentality, and a grand opportunity to do the things I love: read, write, research, create. There's actually nothing better.

This is not the first time I've received a glimpse of what my life could look like on a full-time basis. It would be incredible to wake up every morning and work on material I believe could truly bless other people. But you know what else is incredible? 

I am enjoying myself completely in the moment right now. 

I don't have to worry about waiting for the fully-realized dream of "having it all" when my "having it all" moment is actually happening now.  I'm not worried about 30 days from now or what someone else has or is doing. I'm focused on the fullness, the absolute FULLNESS, of every single waking moment. It's been such a joy and it is nothing but the grace of the Most High God. 

I enjoy the small glimpses that God gives me. It's almost like I've received a small, yet delicious sample of food in a store. It tastes good, but I'm not satisfied. Now, I have to purchase the box and keep it stashed in the house. That's how my dream is. I've tasted it, but I want more. And when I say more, I'm not just talking in terms of income. We're talking purpose and having a fulfilling life. 

I'm thankful for my many opportunities and am humbled by my experiences. *sigh* Life is amazing and God is good.