64. Thankful Thursday #9: Fighting the Perfectionist Spirit Prt. II

One of the most harmful threats to success is one word I've wrestled with one too many times -- PERFECTION.

 photo credit:  Shonali Burk

photo credit: Shonali Burk

To be honest, I just had a moment with the issue. As I was sitting at my computer constructing a post for another website, I kept deleting my progress. One word here...backspace. Three words there....delete. Although I live by a quote from a movie called Finding Forrester which says "The key to writing is to write, not think," I still struggle with wanting things to be "perfect." But the truth is:


I know I'm not the only person out there who has struggled with this concept, but it seems to be one of those lessons that I keep relearning.What I've found is this:

 Having a perfectionist mindset can hold you back from taking action, finishing a project, or moving forward with an endeavor.

Sometimes we can never get out of this planning stage because we think our work will never meet some arbitrary standard. We somehow believe it'll never be as "good" as the next person's body of work. But, here's the truth:

You were designed to be your unique self. You were designed to tell your story. It doesn't matter how you'll be received. Just go for it.

It is my humble opinion that having a perfectionist spirit is rooted in lack of self-confidence, a fear of judgment, and even procrastination. Some people may argue me on that and say perfectionism is a form of dedication. I can see that. But there's a form of perfectionism that is unhealthy. Unhealthy perfectionism turns people into timid, passive, indecisive underachievers who are scared to release their greatest potential.

Don't be scared to share your gifts because you think they will be picked apart, judged, criticized, or overlooked. Create from the heart and with consistency and who knows where you may accomplish.

So, as I set a writing deadline for myself, I will remind myself that I can count on one thing and one thing only when it comes to "being perfect" and that is 

I am perfect in all of my imperfections, 

and you are too. #KeepCreating