63. Celebrating a Successful Day

It's been a long time since I've had a successful day like the one I had today. Seriously, I was on fire! Not only did I rise to the challenge and wake up before 6 a.m. (yeah, I know that isn't such a big deal to you), but I went above and beyond my to do list today.

 photo credit:  Mufidah Kassalias

photo credit: Mufidah Kassalias

Let's see, I:

  • Worked on the beginning phases (read brainstorm and outline) of the fifth rewrite to my WIP, Hot Like Fire

  • Wrote a post for an online publishing platform

  • Created a cover page to establish my writing brand

  • Worked out

  • Cleaned up my house

  • Engaged in the most amazing conversation with the NaNoWriMo community 

  • Read and tweeted the book "Be Brave" by Joel Malm

  • Posted a blog  

  • & more

This doesn't count going to an appointment and running other errands. I can safely say that the day was a success. I can sleep well knowing that I actually put my all into my projects and that I'm not merely talking about the things I want to do, I'm doing them. This is the main reason why in this post I'm celebrating my successes. 

There's one thing I've learned on this journey. If we don't take time to actually celebrate the progress that we do have, we'll end up discouraged. On the road to conquering a big goal, we must consider the rest stops along the way that gives us peace, joy, fulfillment, purpose, love, and every other positive feeling in between. 

It's okay to celebrate yourself. Love each part of the journey, and don't take it for granted. Every moment should be cherished. This is how we slow down and recognize the beauty of life.