62. The Importance of Decision-Making

In a previous post I talked about coming up with a strategy to work on one of my weaknesses -- waking up earlier. I believe successful people wake up earlier in order to utilize more hours in the day. This has always been a struggle of mine. 

photo credit: Daniel Novta

photo credit: Daniel Novta

On the first day of "building stamina" for my earlier wake up time, I can honestly say it was a fail. FAIL. That happens sometimes. You set a goal, you have every intention on achieving it, then you fall miserably. But hey, like Les Brown says: 

If you can look up, you can get up.
— Les Brown

And so I did. Refusing to cry over spilled milk, I still got up and proceeded to follow through with the day's to dos. I won't put any extra energy into figuring out why I didn't fulfill a simple goal of waking up earlier. All I know is that the pattern of breaking commitments has to do with one simple thing:


Those of us who've had trouble following through with various opportunities do so because we've simply made the decision not to. I can't say that I'm proud about my less than stellar moments, but I'm not in denial about them. You must be willing to admit your mistakes, address them, and find a way to get over the hurdle by any means necessary.

The question is what's going to get you out of that bed? What's going to help you put your tail in a seat and your fingers on a keyboard in the dead of night? What is going to make you drag yourself out of the bed to go to a gym when the sun hasn't even peeked above the horizon?

We have to pull from the purpose that lies within us, and use every ounce of our will to make a decision and complete our goals. It's not rocket science. It doesn't require overthinking or a complicated math formula from mathematician, scientist, and NASA Legend Katherine Johnson. Nope, all it takes it one decision. 

So, as I continue to work toward finding more hours for productivity, I'll keep in mind all the things I'm fighting for. That means when it comes time to choose between hitting the snooze button or getting started with the day's workload, I know that my success will rest in one decision. 

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Here's to second chances.