59. Don't Wait. Start Now.

Your book will not write itself. Your business will not start itself. Your body won't magically get into shape all on its own. You will not suddenly reach your goals if you haven't put in the effort.

If you want anything done, you need to get up now and do the work. 

photo credit: Paolo Negri  

photo credit: Paolo Negri


This seems so simple. It seems like humans are wired for work, determination, perseverance, achievement, vision. Although many of us have those things inside of us, it's easier for a lot of us to talk and wish about the things we want out of our life.

But, putting in the work? That's the part that stumps most of us.

"I'll do it tomorrow," someone might say. They'll defer starting their new workout or healthy-eating plan until the next day. They'll declare to start researching business clients on Monday. They'll swear to start a new word count goal and pitching agents on Tuesday. Then, those days eventually arrive and guess what? That's right. Absolutely nothing. 

Some days you have to remind yourself about the things you want and also the things you've been through to understand the grand opportunity that you have to create, share your gift with the world, and be the person you've always dreamed. Yet,

we constantly put things off.

I think about all the time I've wasted in the past on social media platforms and message boards. I think about all the hours I've spent filling my head up with other people's opinions that are, most of the time, negative, useless, and distracting. Most of it got me away from the pursuit of my goals, and I did more sulking about not being what I've always dreamed than actually getting in the trenches, turning everything off, shutting everything out, and carving out special time to pound the keys, read, or write longhand. 

You are here for a reason.

You may or may not necessarily know why just yet, but I can guarantee you that if you just get up out of your seat, make a decision to take one step toward a goal you've always wanted to accomplish, and start slowly, I bet you'll end up stepping into your destiny. 

I said all of this to say, you have to take small, steady steps toward your goal. You're not going to get to the place you've always desired just thinking about your dreams. You have to be willing to put action to faith. Because if there is one thing I know is this:

Faith without works is dead. 

That's scripture. So, whatever day it is, whatever time it is, don't wait for the "perfect" time to do anything. The perfect time is now. #GetToWork