54. Day 9 Launch a Bestseller: Finishing Up the Revamped Site

This MLK Day was extremely productive. Although most people take time to kick back on their day off, I decided to honor those before me by channeling their spirit, working on a vision I completely believe in. This writing journey is not just about launching a bestselling novel. It's about writing meaningful, inspiring words that excites people to read, encourages people to write, and move people to seek higher knowledge. That's what people who've tapped into their calling do -- they act on their convictions. 

Although I've been experiencing normal up and down times with this journey one thing is for sure, anything worth having is worth fighting for. Sometimes you have to get up and push through a project to get it done. In this case, today was all about putting the finishing touches to my new website. 

 A glimpse at the new blog

A glimpse at the new blog

I'm not a web designer so obviously I've experienced a learning curve over these few weeks. Yet, here I am. Things are progressing well, and I can finally say that this week, for sure, I'll have my new site up and running. To me, a personal site is a point of reference for any person seeking to create, brand, and share. It's a place where people connect, where samples of previous/current writings are seen, and a place where other writers can witness a journey and find encouragement or support in their own process. 

It feels good to finally finish something on my checklist, and I can honestly say that I'm almost there. All I have left is to arrange the home page, tidy up my blog posts, tweak some parts of my bio, and create an actual contact page. Small to do list, but I can do it.