48. A Major Revelation

This morning, I received a revelation of epic proportions. While I cleaned up the house, I listened to this sermon by Bishop T. D. Jakes. Right in the middle of the message I paused it. The light bulb went off. That's when I tweeted this:

I realize why I've struggled with advancement. I understand why I've settled with being "comfortable." It's why I haven't pushed myself to finish and successfully promote my literary conquests. I know now:

I've been scared. 

We've all been fearful of something or another in our lives, but it's safe to say that I've been imprisoned by negative images, people's opinions, and public humiliation. I've been skirting around achieving in my current life because I remember how hurtful it was to go through what I did.

But today is a new day. Chains have fallen. I am more than a conqueror.


It's not always easy speaking truthfully about embarrassing moments in your life, but I understand it needs to be addressed in order for me to move forward. This makes me think about Dr. Eric Thomas, and how he says that he didn't really elevate in his life until he addressed the hardest issue of his life -- confronting an absent father. I see what he means now. I cannot conquer what I'm scared to confront. The "scary" thing will continue to show up in my life and

I will not be bound anymore. 

Pretty soon I'll talk about the source of my fear. It's the source of why I have been hesitant about putting myself out there. It's the source of a project I cannot wait to dive into. Time to tell my truth and help others in the process. 

Until next time...