36. Thankful Thursday #5: Live on Purpose

I'm thankful to God that I'm alive and healthy, that I have the strength, vision, and determination to wake up every morning living a purpose-filled life.

As I've stated in my last Thankful Thursday post:

My purpose in life is to use my gifts and talents to serve God and his people. 

The main mission is not to capitalize from others; the mission is designed to uplift people with words, service, and representation. I don't knock other people's hustles. If money-making is a person's goal, then I say go for it. However, that's not my objective. My objective is to take what I've always loved -- writing  and reading-- and combine it with my talents to teach, speak, interpret, analyze, and create in hopes of leaving someone better than they were the previous day.

We all make mistakes, and I know I've made several. But, I always remember that God made me perfect in my imperfections. Because I am uniquely made, no one has my story but me. This means I can use my experiences, package them into a gift for others, and inspire people to read more, write more, and elevate their minds through critical thinking.  

As hard as it will be for me not to think about rebuilding websites, working on book blurbs, and building an email list today, this Thankful Thursday I'm just going to immerse myself in gratitude. I thank God for life, for health, for strength, for vision, for peace, for joy.

I thank God for purpose.