33. Day 6 of Launch a Bestseller: Finding a Target Audience

I'm not a marketing expert. Far from it. In fact if you were to look up my internet presence online you'll probably note how abysmal it is. This is the reason why I'm documenting my progress using other marketing expert information that I've acquired within the year. One thing I've learned along the way, a key to effective marketing is

You cannot disregard the importance and necessity of finding a target audience.

 My kiddos listening to a presentation. These are the same kids I write stories for.

My kiddos listening to a presentation. These are the same kids I write stories for.

I was one of those people who said: "I don't have a target audience. Anybody could read my book," and blah blah incorrect blah. If you don't know who you're marketing to, then your brilliant book will remain known to only you and your close family and friends. Not exactly ideal for the whole Launch a Bestseller guide is it?

So how do you find your target audience? The person or persons who will not only read your book but be inclined to share? I found a great post on the CoSchedule Blog entitled "How to Find Your Target Audience and Create the Best Content That Connects."

After completing some of the exercises designed to find a target audience I realize that my books are a cross between middle grade and young adult, books my students would like to read and be able to relate to. But, the kids aren't necessarily the ones who purchase their own books. Overwhelmingly the people or person who introduce these books to kids are folks I do know a little about: TEACHERS. 

I've found my target. Now, I have to figure out a way to let teachers know that one of the biggest objectives for my book projects is to push a literacy initiative for kids of all ages who struggle with reading. I've heard my librarian say that kids like to read, they just haven't been introduced to the right book yet. I think that is the absolute truth. 

So, in my quest to understand different types of teachers, and not just myself, I'm going to keep in mind that this whole "Launch a Bestseller" program is not about selling books, but creating an opportunity to elevate others, especially young people. This may be a long journey, but it's definitely an exciting one.