The Gift I'm Giving Myself: Persistence

It's a word I didn't fully understand in the past. A word that was frankly an arch nemesis of mine for years.


When I was younger, I developed an unfortunate habit of giving up at the first sign of defeat. Giving up did nothing but cause me heartache, embarrassment, delayed achievement, and so many other unsavory results.

When I finally learned how to stick through something, I ended up working on an Emmy-winning show, graduated from The University of Texas at Austin, and became a certified teacher. I also finally achieved something that I've always wanted to do, a life-long dream of mine:

I wrote my first book.

I finally understood that a huge part of those accomplishments came from the fact I wouldn't give up. As I continue to set goals for myself, I'm reminded that persistence is at the heart of achieving them.

According to Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich (1937):

Without persistence, you’ll be defeated before you start. With persistence, you’ll win.

This holiday season, that's the gift I'm giving to myself. Create a plan, put it into action, and don't stop working on it. I wouldn't stop even when I reach my goal because I guarantee it, once I get where I thought I wanted to be, I'll end up striving to higher places.