Day 5 of Launch a Bestseller: Testing New Toys

I almost didn't write this blog post. I was in such a groove redoing this site that I didn't want to pull away. (I really love working on little projects like these, so I'm geeked).

This is an image I made for the new site. 

This is an image I made for the new site. 

However, I made a commitment that I would write a post daily to document my progress, inspire someone in some way, or just express a part of me related to my own personal growth journey. So, here I am. Friday night. Geeked about recreating a site. Yep.

At any rate, while working diligently on the site, I did take some time to open up a few boxes that came to my home via Amazon. And no, these aren't early Christmas presents, despite the date on this post.

I recently purchased a microphone, pop filter, studio headphones, and a shockmount for podcasting and other projects. I've already been thinking about making some how-to videos to add to my #LaunchABestseller writing journey. I also want to do more educational videos for students. 

So, as you can see I have some big ideas, which means 2017 will be an amazingly productive and successful year. I won't overwhelm myself; I'll just take things day by day, tackling one project at a time.