Thankful Thursday #4: A Powerful Message on Service & Purpose

While I was in the process of implementing the #LaunchABestseller course, a course designed to help authors of all backgrounds to sell more books, I was stopped in my tracks by a powerful message delivered by Bishop T.D. Jakes. Actually, it wasn't just one message but a culmination of messages I watched from my DVR.

As an introspective person, a deep thinker, a person who wants to experience life beyond shallow understandings, I had to put some things into perspective after hearing Jakes's message on serving other people. Here are some of the quotes that spoke to me:

In the process of serving someone else, you discover yourself.
We have lost the art of serving. We want to be seen. We have been groomed to be important but not groomed to be servants.
If you serve with excellence, you will make a name for yourself.

All of these quotes on service convicted me deep within my spirit. It brought me back full circle to the whole point of this blog, what I strive to accomplish, and who I am.

I am a servant first.

I want to help others in any way that I can while experiencing this journey of being a better me. Yes, I've fallen short. We all have. Yeah, I've made stupid mistakes and beat myself over it. A lot of us do that. But here's the thing, on my quest of being this "best-selling author" or "successful entrepreneur" I have to be willing to learn the lesson that has taken me longest to learn:

You're in this thing to GIVE not GET. 

It's the reason I teach, the reason I blog, the reason I write. It's not about gaining "followers," building up a platform, or selling a ton of books. That may contradict the whole purpose of my writing journey, but in reality it doesn't.

The real purpose is to use my gifts and talents to serve other people. To lift them up and inspire them to greatness. 

So, I'll end this post by asking: What is it that you need help with? How can I best serve you and your interests? Let me know!