Podcast Materials For My Fictional Audio Experience

For Cyber Monday I made a few purchases for my new fictional podcast, Hot Like Fire!! I bought a Samson c01u pro, a usb mic, as well as a pop filter and spider shock mount. 

I also purchased a pair of studio headphones called LyxPro so I can monitor my voice during the podcast recording. 

So far I've only received the headphones and they sound pretty good. I'm hoping that the microphone is a decent match up with the LyxPro headphones. I've learned through research that for those just starting out that these are sufficient podcast materials. Maybe one day I'll graduate to a Heil PR40, which I heard was amongst the best of the best. 

 The Heil PR40, slightly more expensive.

The Heil PR40, slightly more expensive.

Being a teacher has taught me that every single human being on the planet have multiple intelligences ranging from auditory to kinesthetic. I'm more of a verbal/linguistic learner and although I love studying vocabulary, reading, and enjoy taking notes, does not mean every other person retain information that way. So, to increase visibility of Hot Like Fire!! I am creating a fictional podcast, or what I would like to call an audio experience. 

I don't have fancy equipment as you can see or a whole team of people recording in a booth, but I can still make it happen. Can't wait to start!