Day 1 of Launch a Bestseller: The Book Marketing Checklist

I'm overwhelmed. I admit it. Purely, plain, and simple this girl here is OVERWHELMED. But, that's normal. Anyone trying to build anything from scratch will face so much information at their disposal that they probably wouldn't know where to begin. 

However, after going on Tim Grahl's website -- the book marketing expert who helps people sell more books -- I realize the one thing that sticks out to me, the number one most popular article on his website, is where I should begin.

This is the Book Marketing Checklist I printed out from Tim Grahl's website.

This is the Book Marketing Checklist I printed out from Tim Grahl's website.

Book Marketing 101: The Definitive Checklist

Tim Grahl's Book Marketing Checklist is a customizable marketing plan for your book. His recommendations aren't a one-size fits all type of system, considering the fact that launches aren't identical. Mine, for example, will be a long-term launch because I:

  • Don't have any fans or existing readers

  • Am not known in any capacity on social media (I've had a social media aversion for years)

  • Have a non-existent email list

  • Don't have an existing writing reputation or library of written works

  • Don't even have an existing/functioning Amazon page or any other type of book-selling related page

These are only a few things I do not have, but do I panic? Absolutely not. To be honest, it makes me smile. I'll be able to look at my results in years to come knowing that I'm a TRUE success story. I'm actually starting with NOTHING. NADA. ZERO. ZIP. ZILCH. How's that for documentation?

I'm kind of like those students in class whose cumulative folders indicate that they're "failures." They've been told by teachers of the past that they don't have what it takes to succeed. They've been passed along because of "No Child Left Behind" and because of rules in school that says you can't hold failing students back for multiple years. Then, all of a sudden those "failing" students get the right teacher/mentor/environment and they pass everything, including that "dreaded" standardized test at the end of the year. 

I am that student. I'll prove it. 

For now, I'm going through the checklist and studying its elements. In the upcoming posts, I'll be working on the following:

  • Redoing this website PROPERLY

  • Setting up social media and using it appropriately

  • Building up my email list

  • Planning and creating my future podcast

  • Making sure my Amazon presence is a well-oiled machine

  • Constructing a book trailer (for the future)

  • Perfecting my book's interior

  • Adding bonus book content

  • Implementing incentive structure

  • Developing a media outreach campaign

  • Working on paid advertising

  • Arranging an in-person book tour

  •  Focusing on an online book tour

  • Putting on and showing up to live events

  • Finding local opportunities for marketing

  • Networking

  • Including promotional materials (and)

  • Assembling a book launch team

This is it. My customized book marketing plan checklist. This is going to take plenty of time and effort, but for some reason I feel good about it. Today is Sunday December 18, 2016, so I'll be right here on Monday December 18, 2017 to see how much progress I've made. I know I'll have good news to share with you.

Let's get to work.