You Are Not Lost

Some days it may feel like you're wandering aimlessly through life, not knowing what your real purpose is or what you're living for. You also might've uttered the words "I'm lost" or "I'm confused" a time or two.

 Photo credit: John Jones/A.P.P. Photography

Photo credit: John Jones/A.P.P. Photography

The honest truth: You're right where you're supposed to be. 

I'm the poster-child for feeling down on myself for not being the place I expect to be at a specific time. For questioning why I wake up in the same mindless routine or why certain things happen in life. But some way, some how God reveals these things to me over time and they make perfect sense.

I've learned over time that those little robotic jobs I've had in the past, the same jobs that'll be automated in the near-future, were the same jobs that were simply teaching me how to show up to a workplace everyday, on time, from 9-5. There were times when I had one of those stressful, out of control classrooms that forced me to learn about classroom management for future students.

There were moments like these where virtually no one was reading this online journal but myself. However, I'm learning how to do something consistently with my writing, so one day when I finally become the bestselling author I've always known I'd be, there would be a public record and documentation of my humble beginnings. 

So you see, your "confusion" and feeling of being "lost" is nothing more than the impatient part of you trying to rush the beautiful journey of life. Don't rush the process -- trust it.