234. 10 Ideas a Day

I was on a mastermind call like any other Sunday morning. As I was listening in to all of the volunteer speakers discuss their goals and successes for the week, one caller said something that stopped me in my tracks.

She mentioned that one thing that had been working for her is writing out 10 ideas a day.

The caller said that the ideas didn't have to be good, neither did they have to all be used. However, she explained that the benefits from this daily exercise was to create a library of ideas to be used for constant projects.


I've always been a person to come up with ideas. Right now, I have notebooks and notebooks of ideas of projects I never started or story ideas that are somehow still relevant that I can utilize in some capacity. The only problem was that in the past I didn't practice the exercise daily, neither did I find myself putting one good idea into action and working it with all my ability.

But something's changed.

Every since I've started to create a library of ideas and find at least one to act on, it seems like my thoughts are flowing like the Euphrates. There were times where I struggled to come up with article ideas to pitch, blog posts to write, or course concepts to design. However, this one concept has opened doors to my mind and allowed me do a few things:

  1. Be okay with failing and not having a good idea

  2. Have a collection of ideas I can use for a later date

  3. Not become imprisoned with my own thoughts through overthinking

  4. Focus on action.

  5. Move me past the "stuck" feeling

I challenge you to jot down 10 ideas a day just to see where you are creatively and how you can elevate your critical thinking game. One project can turn into a 100 and the ability to produce constantly with quality is what separates the successful from the mediocre.