320. Get Up, Get Out, and Get Something

One thing I've realized on my health journey is that you can't just sit around thinking about your challenges.


Getting out of bed, putting on decent clothes, some lip gloss, etc. not only helps you look good but feel good as well.

Just because I'm diagnosed with cancer doesn't mean I have to walk around the house or outside looking like I'm still in the hospital with my mask and over-sized gown on.

I have to do like ET used to say in his early TGIM videos: get up, get out, and get something!


319. All Things Are Made New

I saw a little analogy today while I stared at my peeled, cracked, dry skin. I knew the remedy and I prepared to improve my hands with my moisturizing treatment.


Basically, my process was to moisturize so that the old, peeled skin could go away and the healed, "new" skin could be revealed.

That made me think about different areas in our life. Whether It's a toxic friendship, eating habits, or financial irresponsibility, we need to let some old things go to make room for new and improved things.


318. The Energy We Put Into the World

As I head to another appt (I am healed btw), let me just advise you to be careful about the energy you put into the world and the energy you allow around you.


Our energy and the words we speak manifests and comes back around to us. What type of life and energy would you want to come to you?

317. A Hair-raising Experience

My reflection startled me. I didn't recognize myself. But there I was in front of a mirror completely bald.

Now, I'm not vain in a sense that I care about whether I have hair. After all, I've had very short cuts before.

But this was different, my hair came out -- involuntary might I add -- in clumps leaving patches and eventually nothing at all.

So what's the lesson in all this? My reflection is proof is that I'm still here. That's where my energy goes. My healing. Hair will grow back. Big whoop.

Where will your energy go?

download (30).jpg

316. Walk By Faith

Every single day, I feel like the Lord is testing my faith. If I really and truly trust in His Word, His promise that I am healed, than there is no room for fear, doubt, and unbelief.


Just like Peter who was asked by Jesus to take a step on the water toward Him, I need to walk but don't look down, panic, and sink. I just need to walk by faith.

That's what I'm telling you.